Austin Texas/ Travel

Rainy Street above.


Austin’s skyline is rising rapidly, and the city is growing very quickly.  I have to say one of the most outstanding things about this city is the people – OMG everyone was so kind, friendly and helpful. I would definitely go back.  I visited in late July, the temperature was hovering around  105F.  That’s hot, but it is a dry heat.  The best way to get around the town is by LIME Scooters, it was so much fun riding an electric scooter, quick, easy and breezy.


I had some homemade on the spot donuts “Little Lucys” on Rainy Street so good and hot.  See all the flavors and options above.  Cute little camper painted pinks with all the equipment to make donuts. This street was lined on both sides with old homes converted into Restaurants, they were so cute and so many dining options.  IMG_0046One evening I had tacos at Guëro’s across the Congress Bridge, take a scooter it makes the trip fun.

Next night I had Thai food at Mai Thai, really good Thai food and the price was



IMG_0055Old architecture and new in Austin.


Congress bridge “bat bridge” a must see it crosses over the Colorado River.  Over 1.5 million bats fly out each night to get their dinner of bugs.  It is quite an amazing sight.

Le Crepe – delicious crepes with fresh fruit and whipped cream, I recommend these crepes.  Not far from the J.W. Marriott. Excellent cappuccino.