Wine Cellar Sipping

red wine at this wine cellar Eger, Dobo Istvan utca 14-22, Hungary

I booked this trip through Expedia

We were visiting Budapest over Christmas 2017 and New Years 2018 booked our trip with .  We wanted to explore the countryside.  We went to the front desk at the Continental Hotel and asked how we could take a trip to Eger. My daughter had researched this cute little town, and wanted to visit before we headed back home.  The desk told us that they had a driver who could take us. We agreed on $240. for the day.  A very nice gentleman showed up at the hotel at 11:00am, he greeted us with excellent English. As we proceed to drive  out of Budapest he gave us a talking tour of the buildings we were seeing and some of their history.

It was a cold and foggy day so once we left the city limits of Budapest, we mostly saw fog.  The driver was so gracious and told us about Hungary and the communist history. We arrived in Eger. It was a lovely town, cobble stone walkways, wonderful buildings, great architecture.  He told us that he would wait for us and where to meet him after we had walked around. We checked out the castle at the top of the hill.  We had a bite to eat at the kiosk in town.  We were surprised to see a McDonalds in town, the drive told us that they use fresh ingredients from Hungary.

We met our driver after walking around for a couple of hours. He said he wanted to take us one more place.  We drove about 15 minutes to our next destination.  Low and behold there were wine cellars build into the hillside.  A few of the cellars were closed for the holiday, but we did enter the cellars that were open.  It was so unique, some of the cellars were occupied by visitors drinking wine and all had a wine steward.  What a great way to end the day. As we emerged the last cellar our driver met us and we proceeded back to Budapest.  This day trip was truly one of the big highlights of our trip.

Cute Pub at Budapest IX, kerulet, Pipa utca 4

FOR SALE PUB (yes, that is the name of the pub)

for sale pubGreat little spot right across from the Hungarian National Museum. Straw on the floor and notes, handwritten notes all over the ceiling and walls. Everyone is encouraged to sign a piece of paper and post it to the wall.  There are live burning stick candles on all the tables – see where I’m going with this “FIRE HAZARD” none the less super cute, great wine, cocktails and appetizers.

This Boutique was amazing


We passed by the window several times and it was closed. It was the Christmas Holiday! Finally it was open. They have women’s clothing, home accessories and some kids things. The quality was amazing too.ES3ka. It is ES backward s and K. I purchased the most amazing sweater/jacket. It is so warm – a piece of clothing I will keep forever.

located at Budapest VII, kerulet, Nagy Diofa utca 4-20 Hungary