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I’ve been very busy painting

I have recently fallen in love with watercolors, I never had an interest to dabble in watercolor painting.  Recently I bought a set of watercolors and now I’m hooked.  I love the way they blend, I love to add an outline to most of my color images.  I hope you like my recent works.  I plan to sell prints of this work.  Enjoy!  I’d love feed back if you have time.  Several years ago I painted African women with their natural head-dress of flowers, leaves and so on.  Below is my beautiful daughter who inspired me to continue in this direction. I love the plant croton – they grow with amazing colors. Prints available

LillyRose – Prints available 14×11



African Woman keeper

Portraits – Pet Portraits

Valentines Day is almost upon us – if you are anything like me it will  really sneak up on you.  Start shopping early – contact me for a pet portrait for that special someone.  All I require is a really good clear digital photo, yes an iphone photo is great.  Try to capture the eyes.

Most portraits take approximately 1 week.  14×11 Watercolor original of your pet. Just send me a clear digital photo of your pup, it usually takes 3 days to complete the painting.  I will ship to you via USPS, I do require signature for delivery, or you can pick it up at the post office.